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  1. freefall
    August 8, 2013 @ 8:06 pm

    How is any change possible when members of the same body use words whose meaning has been changed by spin? The importance of the message that was hammered into the public through the controlled media during the 9/11 drama is becoming clearly apparent. “The world will never be the same” they said, “everything changed” they echoed ad nauseum. And now we see what they meant as good sense becomes non-sense. As reason gives way to ridiculousness. As logic is turned on its head. The definition of common words are bastardized to the point that the pinnacle of our justice system delivers the death knell to democracy and we watch as our law makers gaze helplessly into the netherworld half in support and half in impotent stupor. The notion that money is speech or that corporations are people is so completely and utterly absurd on its’ face cannot even be argued by intelligent people. Looked at from a criminal perspective as a method of control it begins to make sense. So now the politicians have created a lexicon of hogwash so completely nebulous that regardless what they say it can be used to justify their pact with the devil as they strip every last vestige of what being an American use to mean. While we sink into the abyss of corporate scum all we can hope for from our elected leaders is their empty stare as the only life sustaining place in the universe becomes the graveyard for humanity because of the outrageous greed of the outrageously wealthy and their dedicated loyal whores who sold out their friends and neighbors for the almighty dollar. While those on the bench evidently think they are God, the wealthy and those that aid and abet them better pray that there isn’t one because the evil and treachery is easy to see.


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