Regulations: The gift that keeps on giving

The holidays have come again complete with flashing lights, crowded shopping mall parking lots, strange fruitcakes and brightly colored wrapping"holidays" "value of regulations" paper. However, the things most of us treasure about the season typically aren’t so visible. Seeing relatives pull into the driveway. Watching the smile on a young child’s face as they open their gifts.  The often unseen ways regulations intersect with our day-to-day lives, protecting us and those we love, is the subject of a recent report by the Coalition for Sensible Safegaurds, which Public Citizen coleads.

Sensible Safeguards: The Gift That Keeps on Giving,  Especially During the Holidays offers insights into:

As opponents gear up to push an agenda of deregulation in 2013, it’s important to note that if the 1966 fatality rate of 5.50 deaths per 100 million vehicle miles traveled had continued, some 163,000 people would have been killed in traffic crashes in 2010. Thankfully though, the passage of the  National Traffic and Motor Vehicle Safety Act and the Highway Safety Act in September of 1966, along with a series of other regulations that forced the autoindustry to start installing airbags, for example, means countless roadtrips to ‘grandmothers’ houses’ have ended more happily.