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  1. Craig
    October 3, 2008 @ 2:50 pm

    I pulled my money out of the market in March,it is a shell game,and after watching Glenn Beck and his guests and being referred to opensecrets.org and actually seeing that our representatives are all bought and paid for,specifically having banks give money to finance and banking and lawyers supporting Madam Pelosi,I have decided to have my deferred payments put in to incon=me funds away from Wall street,if we want our country back,we all have to stop buying,save and keep our cars longer,not let then invest our money and herd us like cattle,all we have to do is go back to the local brands and try to patronise american manufacturers.That is hard since they all ship work overseas,but just to cut off thier cash flow by using local or regional banks that hold thier liens and mortgages and not feeding brokers who get obscene bonuses and evade taxes we can put the hurt to them,just try to not patrinise them as much as possible,and after a few quarters of not having the sheep penned,they might start to think about changing a little,but then give them even less like they do to us.They crashed the market with statements coming out and Bush leaving office,it was Hank Paukson,the ex Goldman Sachs CEO who is worth 700 million dollars and working for $160,000 giving his buddies an 800 billion bonus ater tanking the country for greed.Democrst ot Republican no longer matters,they have to be onboard just to get the machine to grease the networks and run thier campaigns.


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