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This past year we witnessed an unrelenting attack on public safeguards. Since the release of the infamous “Cantor Memo” (which announced House Majority Leader Eric Cantor’s attack plan), it seemed like whenever you turned on the TV news or opened your favorite fishwrap (go ahead and google that one kids) all you heard about was the GOP war on regulations.

And even though the Republican echo chamber was loud and livid, the actual truth about regulatory protections got out – a lot. As 2011 winds down, here is a look back on the best coverage on the struggle to preserve our vital safeguards.

One of the best overviews of the fight came from the article Public Citizen President Robert Weissman wrote for the October 31st edition of The Nation magazine, “The GOP’s Deregulation Obsession.”

The Huffington Post followed with interest and a few posts captured the story well:  “Republican Nonsense on Regulation” by Jonathan Weiler, Jeffrey Hollender’s “The Harms of Regulation Phobia” and Marcia G. Yerman’s “National Poll says America Wants the EPA”

The New York Times had several good articles on the year’s regulatory battles, including a highly recommended analysis by Bruce Bartlett, a former senior policy adviser in the Reagan and George H.W. Bush administrations, “Misrepresentations, Regulations and Jobs.”

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Congressman Gerry Connolly joined administrative law Professor Sidney Shapiro, Vincent Siciliano, president and CEO, New Resource Bank and Public Citizen President Robert Weissman on a lively and illuminating teleconference call to present the threats posed by the Regulatory Accountability Act and two other deregulation bills that will soon be voted on in the House of Representatives. The call was organized by the Coalition for Sensible Safeguards.

All the speakers were engaging and enlightening. So much so, that a couple of reporters who were on the call actually contacted me just to say thanks for putting together such an interesting and informative session. That was a first.

So instead of giving further descriptive prose on the call, I’ll let my colleague and boss, Angela Bradbery, take it from here, via her live Tweeting:

We r facing terrible trifecta of legislation pushed by Chamber, big biz @Public_Citizen prez Robert Weissman says at telepresser.#regulations

Anti-reg bills won’t create jobs, will make us less safe, Weissman says.

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