Last year, the CEOs of big banks were awarded a record breaking $135 billion dollars in executive compensation– that’s more than the GDP of most countries.

These kind of statistics are appalling to just about everyone but the CEOs themselves. Who was it again that helped bail out the banks and avert a global economic meltdown? Hmmmm, oh yes! That’s right, I forgot! It was the American taxpayers.

As you are reaching for your mid-morning refill,  take a short listen to Public Citizen’s Congress Watch division deputy director Lisa Gilbert discuss why Public Citizen is so engaged on the issue of executive compensation. Learn more about the Dodd-Frank act and upcoming May 31 deadline to weigh in on executive compensation. A short segment from Public Citizen board member Jim Hightower can also be heard at the end of Lisa’s interview!

When everyone else is suffering thanks to the wheelings and dealings of Wall Street, it defies logic to allow these sorts of pay practices to take place.

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  • Frank

    Is that 135 billion or million? I could see billion as worldwide figure (maybe), but it’s not the US figure.

  • Laura Bianchi

    This country’s going down the toilet. Most people are sleepwalking their way through life. How about we just elect Don Trump as president next time and just finish off the job of making this a corporate-run state? The 400 richest people can run the country; the rest of us can just be serfs. This is exactly what’s gonna happen if people keep thinking that who wins “American Idol” is more important than standing up for their rights. I don’t feel sorry for the majority of wimps who do nothing every time their rights get trampled on. If you’re not going to stand up, then you get what you deserve.

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