Will President Barack Obama save his presidency and deliver the progressive change that so many hoped for when they voted for him? That’s the topic of author Robert Kuttner’s latest book, “A Presidency in Peril,” and of this recent discussion at Public Citizen.


“This could have been a moment — it could still possibly be a moment — if the Obama that we’ve seen flashes of becomes the president who rises to the occasion for the next several years. But if he doesn’t, a moment to recreate a more balanced form of market and society will be lost.”


  • John Connolly

    The REAL ISSUES – Highlighted for the folks that could not find there way out of a paper bag. Corruption of Agency General Counsels, Inspector Generals and Big 4 Auditing Firms, in concert with their outside counsels.

    Corruption and delivering on progressive change requires an assessment on how we got where we’re at, how established and legally required statutory guidelines and internal controls (regulating disclosures, reporting) and conflicts of interest are currently circumvented with impunity.

    A “Petri” dish that could demonstrate/evidence wide scale corruption and conflicts of interest are not an abstract misunderstood painting but the result of collusion across all agencies and the private sector, look no further than class action suit developing at the Census Bureau.

    The Census case is important because the key in managing, maintaining corruption initiatives, on our current scale is entirely dependent on the ability to circumvent internal controls in the management of human capital resources, across the board.

    In the government and private sector, programs have been designed, developed, and implemented, that determine an individual’s ability to obtain and/or maintain employment without the individual knowing. – you can’t make this stuff up. If an individual is terminated or denied employment, an alternative justification is mandated as a matter of “codified” policy. These programs have nothing to do with national security or the protection of law enforcement systems, and everything to do with corruption.

    “No Jobs List” is similar to the “No Fly List”, but with more serious consequences. A significant element of the Census Bureau case – It includes criminal felony violations of civil rights statutes “under color of law and includes all the key bad actors, agency general counsels, inspector generals and their auditors/top tier consulting firms. Every time these accounting firms (who are also implementing “Identity Management Programs) sign off financial statements and Internal Controls being in compliance with Federal and state Laws – they are Full of S@#$.

    It would “appear” that Census bureau is informing individuals that they cannot obtain employment because they had or “may have” a criminal record. Appearances can be deceiving. Census is participating in a special program to help protect the system.

    The bad actors hope and pray that you believe this case is about protecting the country from individuals with criminal records.

    With some exceptions, the fact of the matter is – individuals are prohibited from being provided the opportunity to challenge, correct or amend records, used in hiring, retention and promotion determinations. These illegal programs are government wide at the Fed and State level, and have fully migrated themselves into the private/Corporate sector. Most importantly every time an individual loses out on an employment opportunity, a “Passover” record is created, which follows the individual around for life. The ability to obtain or maintain any employment with the existence of Passover records is difficult. These programs are managed by agency general counsels and inspector generals, attorneys all, and their auditors.

    The impact these illegal programs are having on minorities is catastrophic. These illegal programs literally circumvent all civil right statutes enacted over the last 50 years. As long as individuals are denied the right to challenge, correct and amend records, we are all prey, minorities are just first on the list. The Washington Post, NAACP, HRC (Gay Inc.) has already been provided with hundreds of the governments own documents detailing out these illegal programs, and has done nothing with them for more than a year.

    For anyone who cares, or needs a better understanding on how these illegal programs work, feel free to contact me.

    John Connolly
    703 856-6712

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